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ButterJAM is a software and design firm that delivers tailored solutions to their clients’ needs. Based in New York City, ButterJAM has been in business since 2005 and has worked with numerous industries including non-profits, government entities and private companies all over the world. As a boutique nimble company, ButterJAM is able to create solutions for projects with small budgets to extremely large budgets. Having a large majority of clients become repeat clients is further testimony of the quality of work that ButterJAM has been continuously providing since it has been in operation.


We design, develop, consult, and project manage. We work with start-ups, companies, non-profits, and government agencies. Completing one project successfully for a client is not enough. We aim to become our clients’ reliable and dependable go-to vendor. Achieving that means that we continually strive for excellence in all our projects, from the first to the current.

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What We Have Done


We created custom content management systems that controlled real-time environmental data monitors, powered e-commerce, managed marketing campaigns, and facilitated complex data warehousing and reporting.

We served on advisory boards, filled CTO positions, project managed product launches, and consulted for start-ups.

We designed mobile apps, websites, print media, logos, and T-shirts.

We hosted billions of data records, real-time field data analytics, email campaigns, websites and apps. We created scalable cloud servers and private cloud share platforms.