The Society of Asphalt Technologists of New Jersey asked ButterJAM to redesign their existing website with a comprehensive database management system. The system modernizes the management of thousands of users that are part of the organization by automating tracking and payments for membership, event attendance, member certification and user information. Users have been given the ability to maintain their own records, register and pay for events and apply for certifications and renewals. Automated alerts and triggers further alleviate the burden of tracking the myriad of information required to keep users’ records up to date that were previously manually performed by administrators. Extensive custom reporting was built to give the NJSAT board instantaneous updates on user status, member numbers, payment records and event attendance. The website was developed using the latest web technologies and designed to be mobile friendly. The database system was built on ButterJAM’s proprietary neWare platform.


Content and Database Management System