Project Description

ButterJAM created a mobile app and website for Price4Mi. The mobile app is designed to run natively on iOS and Android phone and tablet platforms. The app has functionality to capture images with the camera, upload camera photos and library photos to the Price4Mi’s servers, determine user’s locations via GPS to augment relevant captured data, search cloud-hosted data, process ingested data, display graphical and server stored data and images, and manage user authentication and account information. The server system has a robust API to handle requests made by the app. Automated scheduled routines run in the background for data processing and ingestion as well as automated mailing list generation. The website has mirrored functionality to provide users similar experience to the app with enhanced functionality. It also provides blogs and a platform for social engagement. The content management system powers the backend of the system and is built to allow Price4Mi staff to process and perform custom database maintenance on the user generated data.

Mobile App

Content and Database Management System