Project Description

Paul Carpenter Associates contacted ButterJAM to create an online live noise monitoring system overseeing the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project for the Washington State Department of Transportation. The system monitors and tracks the generated noise in real time during construction of the viaduct through downtown Seattle. The system is powered by ButterJAM’s proprietary neWare CMS. The system takes live real-time noise data generated from monitors placed throughout Seattle and processes the raw data into charts, interactive graphs, and audio playback as specified by the client. Daily, weekly, monthly and custom field reports are automatically generated in formatted PDFs that are sent to recipients notifying them of the data results. Alerts are placed to notify of any potential disruptions in connections and issues at the construction site as well as to monitor any exceedances in noise levels. A custom complex real-time chatting interface module has also been implemented to allow on-site consultants with tablet devices to provide real-time issue resolution and communication with in-office staff for any received noise complaints over the course of the construction. Additional custom modules provide inventory tracking controls, contractor and consultant calendar scheduling. All modules have also been created with maximum compatibility to allow easy access via mobile phone and tablet devices.