Project Description

Paul Carpenter Associates contacted ButterJAM to create an entire system to serve as an online live monitor of the construction taking place throughout the New York City World Trade Center (WTC) building site. The system is to monitor and track the Noise & Vibration Environmental Performance Commitments (EPCs) during construction of the new WTC site. The customized system is based off ButterJAM’s proprietary neWare content management engine. The system takes live vibration and noise data generated from monitors placed throughout the WTC site and processes the raw data into charts, interactive graphs, and audio playback as specified by the client. Daily and monthly reports are automatically generated in formatted PDFs that are sent to recipients notifying them of the collected data. Checks are also in place to alert the client of any potential disruptions in connections and issues at the construction site. Alerts are also established to monitor any exceedances in vibration and noise levels. ButterJAM’s system processes and stores over 300,000 new data records daily and 500MB of new data every week with 10GB of weekly traffic and over 25 online users.